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My Accident, Recovery and Facing & Accepting Reality

It’s been almost two years since my accident today, as I write and publish this blog post. I was avoiding writing about my accident and kept postponing it, ignoring people when they told or rather urged me to share about my accident.Family, friends, fellow travelers and every person who has met me after my accident said “why don’t you write about this? Have you written about this ordeal on your blog?” But now I think it’s high time that I share the story. Honestly, I’m at a loss of words, literally, and am clueless as to what title should I give to this blogpost. So the title that you see is the last thing I’m writing before I publish this blog.Disclaimer: This is a rather long blog post with very few pictures and a lot of reading is required. There are pictures of my wounds just after the accident as well as after my surgeries and they might be too graphic for some people. I am going to share the story of my accident and my recovery (which is still ongoing) in detail. Some of these de…

A short Backpacking Itinerary for Pokhara, Nepal

The best trips are those that were never planned and the best experiences are those that you never imagined. This is the best way I can explain my recent impromptu backpacking trip to the city of Pokhara in Nepal. I will be sharing a basic short backpacking itinerary that anyone can use to enjoy a few but exciting days in this city.My trip to Nepal was not planned at all. Not a single thing had been decided including how I was going to enter the country and which places I was going to visit. This idea suddenly sprouted in my mind when I was chatting with a few friends I made at the place I was couch surfing at in Varanasi.
They said they were headed to Nepal for 3 months in a few days and that just left me dumbfounded. I wanted to go stay in the mountains for a while to relax & decompress as it was my first trip after my accident, a long gap of 15 months. So instead of going to North India, I joined my new friend Lukas and we left for Pokhara together.
This is the itinerary I would …