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A short Backpacking Itinerary for Pokhara, Nepal

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Photo Story: Top 5 places to visit in Kerala

There are some places in India that have a bit of resemblance to the world’s largest tropical rain forest- the Amazon, one of them being the Southern state of Kerala.Coast on the West and South and dense forest-covered mountains in the mainland- that is the topography of Kerala. If you’ve ever dreamt of warm sandy beaches, calm backwaters cutting through villages, chilly hill stations and reverberant waterfalls; well, Kerala has them all!Here is a Photo Story of the Top 5 places to visit in Kerala – God’s own Country that will inspire you to plan a trip to this wonderful place.
1. Thiruvananthapuram: The state capital is home to one of the most scenic beaches in India, the Kovalam Beach. The beach is the optimal place to visit after a tiring train journey or even after a comfortable flight to Trivandrumsit back, sip some cool water right out of fresh coconuts, enjoy the sweet corn on the cob and feel the atmosphere turn tranquil as the sun dips into the horizon. Isn't it the best…

A Basic Guide for Planning a Trip to Anywhere

I think you will agree with me on the fact that even though planning a trip, be it a weekend getaway or a month long expedition might seem an easy task, it is no easy task.The profile or the method of travel, be it Luxury travel, road trips or backpacking journeys, none of that matters as everything boils down to one thing: you want it to be absolutely perfect.Planning and execution of any trip is impervious of the class or profile of travel. The tremendous efforts, the long hours put into building the impeccable itinerary and obviously, the money you thriftily invest, give you the perfect trip you wish for.This here is a basic guide for planning a trip to any destination on this planet.
Planning your TripThe laborious work that goes on for more than a month or two seems quite mundane to others, but only you know the true struggle. Adjusting the destinations to cover maximum distance, adjusting the budget multiple times to fit in as many destinations possible, the numerous cost-cuts you…