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Hornbill Festival & 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nagaland During the festival

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5 Advantages of Solo Travel

The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” –Henry Thoreau. This is why for me the Advantages of Solo Travel are endless.Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issues with group travelers or any other type of travelers but traveling solo is something I cherish a lot. I’m never bound to anyone’s schedule so I can stop in the middle of the road on a bike ride or simply get off the bus if I see scenery that enraptures me. I and only I can make changes to my travel plans, be it extending my stay in a city or skipping one destination just to spend extra time at another. I hold all the strings at all times.
When I can’t travel to my heart’s content I reminisce my last few trips, especially the ones when I traveled solo. Apart from the beautiful destinations and awe-inspiring beauty of nature that always enamors me, I miss meeting strangers and making friends with them almost instantly. I really cannot explain the fun I have afte…

6 Essential Bike Riding Tips – the 4th one is quite interesting!

Adventure travel is exhilarating and India is a prime destination for adventure enthusiasts. One often cherished adventurous way to explore any country is Bike Riding. It can be a solo bike ride or one with a group/team, a cross country bike ride or just a short one.But, every conversation about this enthralling activity usually revolves around memorable experiences and the Do’s and Don’ts on a bike ride. The fun and frolic one experiences on this journey is unforgettable, but following certain motorcycle riding guidelines or advice is the correct way. So, I’m listing 6 Essential Bike Riding tips below that you can (or rather should) keep in mind, no matter the terrain, the country or the bike you have chosen for this feat.1.Safety must always be your Priority.Yes! I know that it’s common knowledge and might seem trivial but, I still have, nay need to include this as an essential tip for Motorcycle Riding. People define safety the way they want to, twisting the definition to fit their…

How To: 7 Ways to Pack like a Minimalist

Many people say that they are a Minimalist but when you see their backpack, this myth is instantly debunked. There are certain ways to pack a backpack that can be considered as minimalism.
Very often it happens that people overpack their backpack because they’re paranoid and think that they “need” multiple changes of clothes or that pair of shoes or that extra fleece jacket. That’s the paranoia speaking and if you listen to it, you end up lugging around a sack of potatoes on your travels, not a backpack. The gist of Minimalism is – take what you actually need – the bare minimum – the basic essentials with which you can survive anywhere. Anything else that doesn’t come to your mind when you think of essential items doesn’t have a place in your backpack. Here are 7 ways a minimalist usually packs their backpack, often, irrespective of the length of the trip. Now, I follow all these methods as well as have seen numerous other backpackers follow them and have found them to be quite helpful…