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Reminiscing: How extending my stay in Leh led to unforgettable memories!

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Acceptance:- Why is it so important?

Profoundly known as the 5th, final and certainly the most difficult stage to attain in the stages of grief, Acceptance is a universal aspect of our lives.I am going to be brutally honest in this blog as well as the ones I write in the future, especially about various elements of life and society that are intertwined and need attention. My blog ‘addressing the incomprehensible’ was basically the foundation for articles like this one; while reading this post, many of you might feel that I’m sharing too much or that I’m unaware of the concept of censorship. Censorship while discussing crucial topics like acceptance is nothing but hesitation, ignorance and negligence to accept the truth, the reality.In this article, whatever I say is my point of view, my way of thinking. I am not pressuring or urging anyone to act similarly just because I said or did so. I think simply beginning a conversation on such a sensitive subject instils a feeling of taboo or awkwardness amongst people. If a singl…

Traveling to Ladakh on a Road Trip- A true adventure

Road trips are the calling of new age travel enthusiasts. Almost every youngster desires to go on a road trip, be it in a car or on a motorcycle, preferably with his friends. Many make it their goal to go on at least one such journey; either before they graduate or before they get married.

Where’s the road trip challenge in India?
In India, the most exuberant and exotic but equally adventurous and challenging road trip destination is the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh is second to none in this niche of tourism. In fact, while writing this post, I feel rather monotonous because everyone interested in travelling to this region does their homework properly.
High mountain passes, treacherous roads and rugged terrain pump a traveller full of adrenaline so he can go all out! People from across the world visit India just to experience this rush or "high" if you will, while traversing the narrow snow-covered roads and waist-deep water crossings. The entire stretch of abo…

Addressing the incomprehensible

Most of you might perceive this blog as a dedicated “Travel Blog” but I wish to change that. I plan to start addressing many incomprehensible topics like mental health, mental illnesses and the false banalities that surround them. Yes, I’m going off the beaten path and into the wilderness (couldn’t resist using a travel-related platitude!) to do something unconventional.Why this sudden drastic change in my writing you ask?Certain incidences in my life and in the lives of those around me over the past year have greatly affected me. It has dawned upon me that the harshness and adversity with which life treats you ultimately reflects in your way of life. I am getting a little personal here but only because it is of importance that these discussions take place. My motorcycle accident, losing my grandfather, undergoing 6 major surgeries, partial paralysis of my dominant hand, the uncertainty of complete recovery, multiple restrictions while walking, unemployment, dependency on parents and …

The Spirits of India- Best Local Brews Available Across India.

Chugging the best local brews with all the new friends you have made on your trip is a unique experience.By “Spirits” I solely mean the spirits one can enjoy with friends and strangers alike by the bar. The beverages that bring everyone closer; no occasion or reason required. Yeah! Now that’s definitely worth indulging, isn’t it? Maybe a quick read of this article will be the focal point of some incredible memories you’ll make exploring the Indian subcontinent. 

Why am I writing about this?Each destination has its own drink that encompasses the core values and traditions of the townspeople. Vodka to Russians, Sake to Japanese and Beer to Germans is what water is to the fish. The exquisite and unique taste that tingles your buds is the embodiment of the rustic culture and history of the land and its people. Recipes of these locally brewed spirits are often a well-guarded secret passed down from several generations of a family or tribe. 
Here are some of those spirits I am talking about. …

Emergency Response and Medical Services while traveling in India.

Chaos, accusations, fights, and extremely poor communication plague any and all conversations about Emergency Response and Medical services. The government as well as the public are responsible for the detrimental state of these crucial services.Truth be told, in-depth discussions, implications, and implementations regarding this topic can run lengthy and similar to most cabinet meetings. A lot of energy is exerted but work done is null. I have had a range of experiences during my travels across 19 of the 29 states. As most of you would agree, making a common “Pros and Cons” list is futile; hence I will just share the real-life situations I faced. At the end of the day, all that matters is how YOU perceive and process what you learn. (*Disclaimer: Some might feel a sense of hostility from me while reading this blog but I promise I hold no grudges and make no assumptions about anyone. I have the utmost respect for all and have no intentions of dishonor.)
Competency levels scrape through…

The biggest question that holds you back- What IF?

People from all walks of life, societies, and backgrounds fall prey to this question- “What IF?” We always keep checking ourselves in retrospect to our decisions.
Playing multiple scenarios where a decision you made didn’t give you a desirable outcome and then you brainstorm about why that decision was wrong. We keep thinking about alternate and favourable results but to what end? The reality stays robust and idempotent. Nothing actually changes other than our mentality, mindset and our overall outlook on our life. This can sway our future either way- a path where we take risks and readily accept what comes our way with determination or we cower and make safe bets that don’t agree with us but make us feel secure.
When I dropped out of college to travel and write, it was my first and the most important decision of my life that I made. I only considered what I thought was best for me and tuned out everyone else’s opinions like white noise. Doing that isn’t easy and it requires all the m…